ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS) 

ISO 50001

ISO 50001 defines EnMS as "a set of interrelated or interacting elements to establish an energy policy, energy objective, and processes and procedures to achieve those objectives." The EnMS standard provides a roadmap and path for continually improving energy performance. As energy consumption and costs rise each year, reversing that trend is vital for an organization to meet its needs and mission goals.

NJ Associates can assist you in meeting all your energy goals. In doing so, we can provide:

  • Energy awareness and management responsibilities training to top management. Assist top management in developing a compelling energy policy that sets the vision for energy management, conservation, and reduction efforts for the future. We can help appoint a management representative for day to day energy duties and oversee the energy team.

  • Establish and train a management representative and formulate a Cross-functional energy team with earmarked roles and responsibilities.

  • Provide energy awareness training to middle management, employees and contractors that include how everyone can help to reduce energy consumption by practicing energy conservation.

  • Assist in developing an energy document control system and put into action a retention document system that meets the standard's requirements

  • Facilitate energy team meetings, management reviews, and executive updates as needed.

  • Perform an energy review that includes development of your energy profile and establishing a baseline to measure future improvements.

  • Implement an energy planning process to include indentifying significant energy uses (SEUs), variables that impact them, operational controls to help reduce their impact, and energy efficiencies that can be implemented.

  • Develop energy objectives, targets and energy action plans that will improve your energy performance, and reduce consumption and cost. We can identify projects from energy efficiencies that will reduce energy use and determine their payback period so prudent decisions can be made.

  • Assist in energy audits and self inspections, identify nonconformities and initiate corrective actions.

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