Environmental Health 

Preservation of our environment is a national priority. NJ & Associates, Inc. will help you comply with Federal and State regulations by preparing site safety plans, monitoring air, soil and/or water, training employees to respond to emergencies or to properly handle hazardous substances, and by providing remediation assistance when necessary.

Rehabilitation Management
NJ's rehabilitation specialists help injured employees return to work as soon as possible or to learn other employable skills when necessary. They maintain lines of communication between the injured employee, treating physician, and the employer, to ensure that the employee receives the quality of medical care that is needed to coordinate solutions to special problems resulting from the injury. Rehabilitation management services have been shown to reduce worker's compensation costs and cost of litigation.

Job Safety
Job safety analysis is a process that is useful to scientifically study tasks that have caused costly losses or that could result in serious job injuries. It is also useful to define the safety parameters and physical requirements of essential job functions for purposes of nondiscrimination in the employment process.

System Safety
System Safety analysis is a logical investigation into the prevention of catastrophes and undesirable losses. Fault tree diagrams indicate all known ways the event could occur, with associated probabilities if know. "Fail-safe" methods of control are examined; options for improvements are presented.

NJ & Associates, Inc., has approved Professional Sources for Rejected Risk or Extra Hazardous Employers required by the Texas Workers Compensation Commission for compliance. NJ develops all necessary safety programs for employers in Texas who are no ubscribers of workers compensation insurance. We guarantee our program will meet TWCC guidelines because all programs have been approved by the Texas Worker's Compensation Commissions' Safety and Health Division.

Other Services
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